Angry customers are unavoidable, no matter how good your service. Some become so incensed that they start lashing out. They go on about how crappy your business is, promise to tell everybody else how crappy your business is, and vow never to come back.

As the service provider, it’s easy…

When you use your credit card online, the transaction is a 2-step process. First, the merchant authorises your card for the transaction amount. This places a hold on the funds, lowering your account’s “available balance.” The money’s still there; you just can’t access it. The merchant must then “settle” the…

You’re going to see three types of people in your interviews. At one end of the scale, there are the unwashed masses, lacking even the most basic skills for this job. They are easy to ferret out and eliminate, often just by asking two or three quick questions. At the…

Since I wrote this essay about how simple it was for people to use the chargeback process to avoid paying for goods online, our bank has changed its policy. Before, we had a chance to respond to the chargeback before the bank took any action, allowing us to briefly entertain the fiction that justice was blind. Now, the bank has dispensed with that pretense, debiting our account the full transaction amount before we send our response. The presumption of the merchant’s guilt is now in black and white.

What is the point of this charade? The banks could save everyone some time and just state outright that merchants have no recourse if customers decide not to pay.

Mark Boyce

Barbadian wannabe startup founder

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